Installing AthomeBills Windows

This page is for helping those on a windows based OS. *nix are about the same expect some of the commands.

REQUIRED: Perl must been installed first.  I’ll go over this a small bit since the installers are self explaining.

The link to download Perl is in the download links page, download the newest version if you don’t have any installed already.  Follow the installer and try and install the in the C:\Perl\ folder directory.

1> Download the newest release of AtHomeBills if you haven’t done so already. Unzip it in to the c:\AtHomeBills\ folder dir.

As of version 1.0.11 of AtHomeBills most of the the installion has been simplified, And has been coded in to just a few scripts.



2>Get in to the command prompt:     Windows Command Prompt <HOW TO>
also theirs a trick while in the AtHomeBills folder hold shift and right click and then click the ” Open the command window here ” it will set the path for you in the command prompt.

If the trick doesn’t work for you you’ll have to enter the commands:

Should show: c:\users\” login name “>_

to get to the folder enter command: (if you unzipped to the c:\AtHomeBills\
*or what or where ever you unzipped it to.*

it should now read c:\AtHomeBills\>_

If more help is need here goto the forums



3>  AtHomeBills requires some modules that doesn’t come with some of the builds of Perl while in the command Prompt from step 2:

Should still be showing in the command prompt….

type in:
hit enter This will/should install all the needed modules AtHomeBills uses. If any errors pop-up head over to  the forums



4> Once that is done installing need to run one more script.

should be showing again

type in:
hit enter

if no errors happened then  you can now run close the command prompt and run the athomebills.bat by double-clicking it will open a command prompt window and will stay open, this window will need to remain open to use. You can now go to any web broswer and enter the url: http://localhost:3000

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